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Connect to OpenStack MariaDB using PyMySQL

Many of OpenStack’s containerised services do not include a MySQL client, despite heavily relying on the MariaDB/Galera cluster. Instead, the services use the PyMySQL and SQLAlchemy python modules for this interaction.

Given that peeking into the database is a pretty common operation when troubleshooting issues in OpenStack, the lack of a MySQL client is a bit of a pain point. Yes, you can always jump on to one of the controllers, grab a shell in the Galera container, and have at it, but this may not be beneficial if you suspect a network or connectivity related issue.

Thankfully it is quite simple to just utilise PyMySQL directly.

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openstack overcloud deploy: plan-environment.yaml not found

For one reason or another, I sometimes run into the following error when trying to deploy an OpenStack TripleO overcloud in my lab:

ClientException: Object GET failed:
  /overcloud/plan-environment.yaml 404 Not Found

This usually occurs after impatiently cancelling an overcloud deployment – strongly not recommended of course. The overcloud plan, which is stored in a Swift container, is left missing one or more objects.

Given that Mistral (OpenStack’s workflow service) is meant to first delete the existing plan before continuing, it’s an odd error. The solution, it turns out, is not quite as straight forward as manually deleting the plan.

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openstack, python

Enable SSL for an Oslo WSGI service

I recently needed to deploy a REST-based web service for use as a DynamicJSON vendordata provider to OpenStack’s nova metadata service. I settled on Oslo’s WSGI server, mainly due to the fact that the Oslo project’s goal is to provide standard libraries for all OpenStack projects. Plus it made incorporating authentication via Keystone middleware that much easier.

Given the requirement for TLS-everywhere, the next step was to enable SSL encryption of the service. This wasn’t as simple a task as I had hoped.

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